The term "disk space" is oftentimes called "disk quota" or "data storage", still all these words refer to the exact same thing - the volume of data that you'll be able to upload to a shared web hosting account. The total size of what you have is calculated by accumulating the storage space taken by all the content in your account, the most apparent being the types of files that you upload. Two other things are often ignored by various people, though - e-mails and also databases. Sizeable attachments or databases of large script-driven websites can sometimes require a lot of storage space too. To employ a more common analogy, the hard drive space of your computer is used not just by files you download, but also by docs you generate and software programs you add. Similarly, a number of things are counted in the hard disk space that your data needs on a website hosting server, not only the uploads.
Disk Space in Shared Web Hosting
All of our shared web hosting packages were designed with the idea that not enough storage space should not be something that will stop the growth of your websites. For this reason we have applied an approach which is more advanced than the one that most web hosting providers use - instead of just generating a variety of accounts on one server and subsequently not having enough storage space, we use a cloud hosting platform in which the storage is handled by an entire collection of servers. That's why, we can add more machines in case they are required or more hard disks, to supply extra disk space for the files of our clients. Separate clusters take care of the e-mail messages as well as the databases, so not only are you able to expand your sites without having to worry about space, but also all the servers will function faster and better due to the fact that each and every service features its own space and an individual server does not handle different kinds of files.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers
With all of our semi-dedicated server packages, the hdd capacity feature is unrestricted, so you're able to center on developing your websites the way you'd like them to be and never worry about reaching a restriction. Unlike countless hosting suppliers that set up your accounts on a single server, we use a custom cloud platform, that allows us to offer you truly unlimited hdd storage for each and every account. With a single machine, there's a limited number of hard disks which can be used, not mentioning that the most popular hosting Control Panels are simply not made to work with multiple servers simultaneously. Our platform, on the other hand, functions with clusters of servers for the site emails, databases and files, and our tailor-made Hepsia Control Panel was created to work with it. We are able to connect as many servers to any of the clusters as needed at any given time, so the hard disk space is practically limitless.
Disk Space in VPS Servers
With our VPS servers, we provide sufficient disk storage for all of your content that suits the other server features, which means that a higher plan includes a larger quota. You'll be able to use the storage space as you see fit, as there're no pre-defined allocations for your web site files, emails or databases - they all share the overall hdd space of your server. However, in case you would like to have some limits, you are able to buy your VPS package with cPanel or DirectAdmin as the hosting Control Panel, and you'll be able to set up web hosting accounts with a limited volume of hard disk space for every single domain name that you host on the server. If you want additional storage someday, you're able to effortlessly update your package with a couple of mouse-clicks and then the additional features will be included with your current account, so you won't be expected to migrate anything and your sites will stay operational.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
With our dedicated servers you'll get all the hard disk space that you will need for your sites, databases, email messages and applications. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage space will be available and not shared with others, which means that you will be able to upload all of the info you need to - website files, personal or company archive backups, and so on. You will have a minimum of two separate hard disks that work well in RAID, so one drive will mirror the other one in real time to ensure that all your important data is always protected. If you like, you will be able to use the disks independent of each other and take advantage of the full storage space in any way you see fit. When needed, you may also get additional drives connected to the server to get even greater storage space. You will have the option to create web hosting accounts with fixed hdd storage quotas if you obtain the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel. Selecting Hepsia, which is your third Control Panel alternative on the order page, all of the domain names hosted on the server will share the HDD storage and they will be handled through one account. In either case, our dedicated plans will meet your demands regardless of the type of site you wish to host.