Data Backups

Your data is secure - always!

There is no website and there can be no website that is fully secured against hacking attempts. Also the danger does not only come from outside: You yourself could delete parts of your website by accident for example. But don't worry in case you have not done any backups, because we have! We can restore all your website data at any time. Simply file a support request or make use of our backup management system, which is giving you access to all backups made from your websites in the past.


A pre-configured web application firewall

With us you can enjoy an instand addition of security to your websites without having to do anyhing. All our shared web hosting, cloud hosting and VPS packages come with a pre-configured ModSecurity firewall, which is preventing your websites from bruteforce attacks, spam and suspicious activity.

Free VPN Service

Stay safe and anonymous

In case you live in a country with tough web browsing reguations or want to stay anonymous while exploring the internet, we are offering a free VPN service with all our hosting packages. This free VPN offers you a large variety of locations and 5GB of traffic per month.

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  • We set up all hosting account free of charge, offer 30–day refunds, a 99.9% service uptime, and a 1 hour ticket response guarantee.
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