Finally, a cloud-based hosting service at affordable rates!

A recource-demanding website does not necessarily mean switching to a VPS server. As our hosting packages are based on a powerful cloud computing environment, we can offer you a lot more resources than our competitors. Even demanding sites will work flawlessly on our affordable shared web hosting packages. Thanks to unlimited storage and traffic quotas you won't have to worry about anything while fully concentrating on your web sites.


Higher Performance

Our cloud-hosting platform is offering you more than just unlimited resources.

Hosting your web site on our cloud-hosting platform can speed it up a lot. Our network bandwidth has been upgraded to 10Gb/s, improving the connectivity and site loading times in general. Additional server capacities have been added to enable us keeping service interruptions and outages down at a minimum. All data is stored on modern solid-state disks, which offer significantly faster access times. For the sake of data security, backups are still being kept on traditional hard disks.

Faster Performance

100% Scalability

Take full advantage of all available resources at any moment

Our powerful hosting environment is spreading the load caused by all websites across multiple servers instead of using just one. This means that in case you need more resources than usual, they will be available for you, ensuring that your web sites keep running smoothly all the time. You are also able to upgrade parts of your hosting plans specs, in case you need more but do not want to switch to a higher hosting package.

Service Scalability

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  • We set up all hosting account free of charge, offer 30–day refunds, a 99.9% service uptime, and a 1 hour ticket response guarantee.
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  • Check out our prices and pick the best web hosting package for your individual or companys online presence. Migrate to a more powerful package with just a single click of the mouse.
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